Solar Attic Fan

Solar Attic Fan

Vent your home attic efficiently & renew-ably!

Attic venting is an important aspect in maintaining a healthy energy efficient home. Proper venting cools your roof extending the material life and reduces the load on your air conditioning system. Attic venting also increases fresh air circulation.

Powered completely by free solar energy, this sleek and efficient vent is both compact and quiet. Fully operational right from the box, it installs easily, with no electrical wiring. And let’s not forget powerful!

Depending on the model, a single unit can vent from up to 1,200 square feet (850 cfms) to 2,500 square feet (1,550 cfms). The roof and curb mount units are designed with an adjustable bracket allowing the solar panel to be positioned at various angles for optimal solar exposure.

How it works

The solar panel captures sunlight and converts it into electricity to power the fan motor. The AAE Solar Attic Fan works in conjunction with your existing passive vents (soffit or gable) to pull hot air and moisture out of your attic. Keeping your attic ventilated extends the life of your roof, reduces vapor build-up and prevents mold growth. In the summer, it helps keep your attic cooler reducing your air conditioning costs. In the winter, it prevents ice damming. Depending on the model, the AAE Solar Attic Fan vents up to 1,200 to 2,500 sq. ft. per unit – operating for free using the energy of the sun!


Benefits of attic venting

  • Reduces The Load On Your HVAC System Saving On Your Electric Bill.
  • Prevents Condensation From Forming And Damaging Attic Insulation Or Causing Wood Rot.
  • Eliminates Mold And Fungus Growth Which Can Cause Respiratory Problems.
  • Reduces Heat Build-Up On Roof Shingles And Underlayment Extending

Kit includes:

Solar Panel

High impact photovoltaic solar panel with a pivoting mounting bracket for optimum performance on all roof slopes.

Heavy-Duty Housing 

Constructed of heavy gauged aluminum to withstand all weather conditions, has no seams to prevent leaking,
powder-coated black to blend into roof line.

DC Motor

Direct current motor manufactured to highest industry standards, long-lasting with a 25 year warranty, operates
smoothly and quietly.

5-Wing Fan Blade

Non-corrosive aluminum fan blade, precision balanced for the highest CFM output.

Protective Screen

Stainless steel wire screen to protect fan assembly from debris, bugs, birds and rodents.

Heavy-Duty Flashing

Heavy-gauged aluminum weather-tight construction with no seams, uniquely designed shape maximizes airflow to increase venting capacity

Adjustable solar panel

The Alternative Energy of America Solar Attic Fan features an exclusively designed adjustable bracket allowing the solar panel to be positioned at various angles for optimal solar exposure.

Solar PV

Solar Attic Fan

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